Keely Briggs (Intro & Bio)

My name is Keely G. Briggs and I intend to be the next Mayor of the Great City of Denton, Texas.  Since 2015 I have served on Denton’s city council representing District 2.  

How I make decisions.  There are many challenges and opportunities facing the City of Denton.  My decision making is based on the following tests:

  1. Is this decision good for people?  People are my highest priority.  That includes ALL PEOPLE.
  2. Is this decision good for business?  I believe in and support our businesses.  I want Denton to be a place where businesses and ideas continue to grow and thrive.  But businesses must not violate the quality of our lives, and they should seek to complement our community while operating on a level playing field.
  3. How will this decision impact citizens four generations from now?  Short term gains must prove out to be wise and sustainable choices as the decisions that we make today ripple far into the future.  Our duty is to leave Denton a better place than we found it and to lay a foundation for the health, prosperity, and happiness of Denton’s future generations.

I am humbled and honored to serve District 2 and the City of Denton and I look forward to earning your support to become Denton’s next Mayor.  You can reach me at:

Denton City Council Home:


Keely Briggs was elected to Denton City Council as District 2’s representative in May 2015 and is currently serving her third term. She is a Mayoral candidate in the upcoming May 2020 local election. A Texas native born in Tyler, Keely first came to Denton to attend the University of North Texas in 1995, where she graduated with a BA in sociology and received certification for mediation training from the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program administered by the Institute of Applied Economics.

Keely has a sincere passion for serving the people of her community. She considers being a non-partisan elected official representing the people of Denton to be one of the most challenging and fulfilling experiences of her life. She is proud to serve her district and the entire community of Denton as it takes on the multitude of complex challenges and opportunities that stem from sitting atop one of the fastest growing and most dynamic regions in our nation.

When not seeing to the important work of representing the citizens of District 2 and the City of Denton, Keely can be found volunteering in our local schools and supporting the efforts by many of Denton’s non-profits to help improve our community.

Committee Assignments and Board Positions (click each position to learn more)



District 2 Conversations:  Keely hosts community meetings on the third Sunday of each month (holidays permitting) at the Denton North Branch Library.  Topics range from public safety, roads, utilities, environment, historic preservation, economic development, workforce housing, homelessness, taxes, budgeting, and more.  The image above is from November 2016 where the topic was Domestic Violence in Denton with a panel of experts from the Denton Police Department and Denton County Friends of the Family.  Sign up for the Engage D2 Newsletter to stay up to date on future District 2 Conversations.


At the MLK Memorial in D.C. “Strength to Love” – 1963

Political advertising paid for by Keely G. Briggs for Denton Mayor Campaign, Chris Briggs Treasurer. All Rights Reserved.

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