Engage D2: Early voting begins Monday for 2019 City Council elections; A note for D2 Constituents.

2019 City Council Elections

  • Early voting runs from Monday, April 22nd thru Tuesday, April 30th

  • Election day is Saturday, May 4th

Details on polling places, dates, and times available at: https://www.cityofdenton.com/en-us/residents/make-a-difference/vote

Denton City Council elections are underway and early voting begins on Monday, April 22nd.  (Details and links to more information provided above.)  This is an odd-numbered year, which means each of the four district council seats are up for election (in even number years the Mayor and the two at-large council seats are up for election).  I encourage you, no matter what district you are in or who you support, to get out and vote this year.

To District 2 Constituents: 

I am running for reelection this year without an opponent.  Even though I do not have an opponent I would sincerely appreciate your vote as a show of support.  I will be entering my third and final consecutive two-year term as your District 2 representative on Denton City Council.  Serving as your representative over these past four years has been a tremendous honor and is a responsibility that I have not taken lightly.  I have been working hard to keep you involved in the processes of our city government.  Voting – contested or not – is a part of that process.  Any vote cast in this election is greatly appreciated.  I want you to know that.

Have a wonderful week ahead.  As always, if you have any concerns, ideas, or questions about our community just let me know.

Yours in service,

Keely G. Briggs
Denton City Council Member – District 2

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