Big Ideas and Better Ways for Denton? A challenge…

We have so many smart and innovative people in our community. So many people with the capacity to initiate positive momentum and create positive impacts against the challenges (big and small) that face our community.  I’m concerned that not enough of these people and their ideas are being heard.

If you have BIG IDEAS for our city, if you see BETTER WAYS for policy to be shaped and sharpened to address our challenges and opportunities YOU NEED TO STEP UP. Don’t let your ideas die in silence. Don’t let your positive ideas turn into jaded, unactionable commentary online. Please don’t ever assume that nobody cares if you haven’t stepped up to share your idea or shine light on an unnoticed or neglected issue in our community.

One of the great tools at our disposal to bring big ideas and better ways forward in Denton is through CITIZEN REPORTS to City Council. When individual citizens and/or groups of citizens come forward and give well thought out, prepared, and fact driven testimony, with a clear call to action or next step I have seen the ideas (both big and small) turn into real action that benefits our community. Your ideas and calls to action go on the record. It puts council members in a position to hear in a public setting a new issue or perspective on an issue. It gives council members the opportunity to call for additional information from staff and to schedule the item for a future work session.

It’s a process. And it’s a process that you can use as a member of this community to help constantly improve our Denton.

So, I challenge you to step up to the mic. Share the ideas. Show the better way. Pull this lever of local government and representation and put the process to work.

More information on scheduling and preparing a Citizen Report can be found at this link on the City of Denton website:

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