The funny thing is…

I have observed something being a local elected official. Keeping our local elections free of partisanship is a very real challenge. It’s supposed to be a non-partisan position. I think we naturally try to project our local candidates as being affiliated with a party or a political ideology.

The funny thing is, it appears that once a person is sworn in, takes the seat, starts reading through briefs, starts deliberating in work sessions, and starts casting their votes… perceived or assumed party affiliations and ideologies really don’t hold up. There is something about serving as an elected official representing your neighbors, your friends, the youth, and fellow citizens of your community that has a profound impact on you. All you want to do is make the best decision you can for your community. It doesn’t seem that national politics does a very good job addressing our local questions, and I find it refreshing.

We will soon have some new faces on our city council. I look forward to working with the representatives that our community elects. There is so much work to be done and our community will benefit from our hard work and positive leadership.

Good luck to all the candidates, their supporters, and their families on election day.   Go vote Denton!

Keely Briggs – D2 City Council Member