Engage D2 April 15, 2018

Engage D2 April 15, 2018

This Tuesday, April 17th there will be a Denton City Council work session at 1:00PM followed by a regular City Council meeting at 6:30PM.  The agenda for both of these meetings is posted online and LINKED HEREI would also like to remind everyone that you can view City Council work sessions and regular meetings live (and archived) on THIS PAGE of the City of Denton website.

A few items of note this week’s agenda:

Consent Agenda Items

B. Consider adoption of an ordinance of the City of Denton, Texas to amend the City of Denton Code of Ordinances related to Section 2-29 (City Council Rules of Procedure) Subsection (G)(4) (recording of votes) to include the recording of votes for each council member within all ordinances and resolutions; providing for a severability clause; and providing for an effective date.

We currently keep a record within the minutes of motions, seconds, and roll call votes.  The adoption of this ordinance will tie those pieces of information directly to the adopted ordinance making it easier, both now and in the future, for citizens to understand how votes were cast with regard to any ordinance.  I file this under increased accountability and transparency.

C. Consider adoption of an ordinance of the City of Denton, Texas to amend Section 2-29 (“Council Rules of Procedure”) of the City of Denton Code of Ordinances related to Section 3.B. items (“Receive Scheduled Citizen Reports from Members of the Public”) of the City Council’s regular meeting agenda; providing for a severability clause; and providing for an effective date.

For the past few months we have run a pilot program that allows council members to interact with people giving scheduled Citizen Reports at the beginning of each City Council meeting (rules of procedure were previously such that this interaction was perceived as not allowed).  With the passing of this ordinance we are changing our Council Rules of Procedure to allow for this interaction and extending the time for the Citizen Report from three-minutes to four-minutes.

Items for Individual Consideration

A. Consider approval of a resolution incorporating a City of Denton Employee Ethics Policy, Reference number 10.00, within the City of Denton Personnel Policies and Procedures; repealing the City’s Nepotism and Outside Employment policies, Reference number 102.08 and 108.09, of City of Denton’s current policies and procedures; and providing an effective date.

We are working to ensure high standards of ethics, integrity, and impartiality in the City of Denton.  This ordinance is a subset of Denton’s ethics ordinance that applies to City of Denton employees.  You can reference a staff presentation LINKED HERE, which provides details of this employee ethics policy.

B. Consider adoption of an ordinance authorizing the City Manager, or his designee, to sign a Confidentiality Agreement with New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) to enable the City of Denton to review proposals received by NBU from their request for proposals for renewable power from solar energy resources.

I am only highlighting this item because it is a good example of how City Council is now increasing its oversight into key decisions.  I know that confidentiality agreements drafted between government entities and third parties can be a source a frustration.  In reality, confidentiality agreements are necessary under certain circumstances.   In the past city staff has entered into confidentiality agreements with third parties without City Council awareness or approval.  Now, as a matter of process, the City Council reviews these requests for consideration and approval in advance.  This is a good thing.

Public Hearing

A. Hold a third public hearing and consider adoption of an ordinance of the City of Denton, Texas amending the Code of Ordinances, related to Chapter 2 titled “Administration” Article XI titled “Ethics” and providing for findings of fact, repealer, severability, codification, effective date, proper notice and meeting.

This is more than likely the last opportunity for input and discussion with regard to this ethics ordinance before council takes a vote.  If you have something to say, it is time to speak up.  Read the entire backup and draft ordinance by CLICKING HERE. There has been a lot of public input and oversight to the development of the currently drafted ordinance.  Personally, I don’t feel that the ordinance is exactly where it should be.  But I am comfortable with it as this is a very big step forward for Denton and I would like to thank all involved in the process.

Upcoming Community Events

The Redbud Festival – Saturday, April 21 from 10AM to 4PM
This is Denton’s official Arbor Day celebration put on by Keep Denton Beautiful.  This is your opportunity to get a free tree by attending a 30-minute tree education class while at the festival. I am happy to say that I will be one of the judges for this year’s TRASHion Fashion Runway Show.

DCTA April Open House Meeting – Wednesday, April 18th 3PM to 7PM
DCTA will have a come-and-go open house at the Downtown Denton Transit Center.  They will be reviewing major agency projects and initiatives.  You will have the opportunity to speak directly with DCTA staff about each of their initiatives.

That is all for now.
As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas, or concerns related to our community or the Denton City Council.   I am here to serve you.


Keely G. Briggs
Denton City Council Member
District 2