Engage D2 – February 4, 2018 – Ethics, 100% Renewable, Bike Share, and More

Monday – Committee on the Environment
Agenda: http://legistar2.granicus.com/denton-tx/meetings/2018/2/1537_A_Committee_on_the_Environment_18-02-05_Meeting_Agenda.pdf

  • Update on LED lighting
  • Presentation on Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

Monday – Council Monthly Lunch Work Session.  
Agenda: http://legistar2.granicus.com/denton-tx/meetings/2018/2/1501_A_City_Council_18-02-05_Meeting_Agenda.pdf

  • We will receive the annual report from the Denton Public Library
  • We will discuss sponsorship signage at our public athletic fields.

Tuesday – Committee on Citizen Engagement
Agenda: http://legistar2.granicus.com/denton-tx/meetings/2018/2/1579_A_Committee_on_Citizen_Engagement_18-02-06_Meeting_Agenda.pdf

  • Update on a new software and mobile application for Citizen Relationship Management
  • Update regarding ongoing initiatives

Tuesday – Council Work Session and Regular Session
Agenda: http://legistar2.granicus.com/denton-tx/meetings/2018/2/1502_A_City_Council_18-02-06_Meeting_Agenda.pdf

  • Work Session to begin at 12:00 PM in the Council Work Session Room at City Hall
    • Ethics – Continuing our discussion on the establishment of our Denton’s ethics ordinance.  Note: There is time slotted at the beginning of this work session item for the public to address the council and provide comments.  Come early and fill out a Blue Card to speak.
    • Dockless Bike Share – Council and staff will be discussing dockless bike share programs in general, and Denton’s experience so far with bike share.   While I do have a level of frustration with Denton’s bike share experience to date, I am not against the idea of well run program which works with the city.  My hope is that we can have a discussion on the pros and cons of what other communities have experienced and how they have worked to incorporate dockless bike share programs into their overall mobility plan.  I am in favor of setting some basic policy guidelines, establishing a permitting process, and selecting a qualified operator to participate in a trial program here in Denton.
    • 100% Renewable Energy – We will consider establishing a resolution to adopt a Renewable Resource Plan for Denton that is designed to achieve a 100% renewable goal by 2020.   On our current path (Renewable Denton Plan), by January 1, 2019 only  44% of our energy will be supplied from renewable sources (short of the 70% goal of the RDP).  I look forward to this discussion and learning more about what has changed over the past year that has now made achieving 100% renewable energy for our community a real possibility.

Thursday – Denton County Homelessness Leadership Team
No agenda to link here, but I am proud of the work that we are doing and the progress we are making together on this team.   Learn more here: https://www.unitedwaydenton.org/DCHLT

State of the City – Thursday, February 15th at the new Denton Convention Center.  I encourage you to attend.  Learn more about this event here: https://www.cityofdenton.com/en-us/residents/make-a-difference/state-of-the-city-(2)

IGNITE – Saturday, February 17th at TWU – 6th Annual Texas Young Women’s Political Leadership Conference Mayor Pro Tem Bagheri and I will be participating along with a number of women elected officials.  This is a great organization and event.  Please consider attending.  Learn more:  http://www.ignitenational.org/tx2018

Great Conversations – Thursday, March 1 – UNT Student Union I will be participating as a host on table 4 (Mayor Watts will also be hosting at table 24). Learn more here:  http://honors.unt.edu/great-conversations

That is all for now.  Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for our City.

Your humble representative,

Keely G. Briggs
District 2 City Council
City of Denton, Texas
(940) 453-8377