Vote Today – State Constitutional Amendments; City Charter Revisions

Reminder to Vote Today
Today is November 7, 2017 and it is time to vote if you have not already.  On the ballot are several State of Texas constitutional amendments and City of Denton charter revision proposals.  Take a look at the issues, read the info, make an informed vote today.

Where to Vote:  
For voting information, including times and locations, please visit

For more information, please call Denton County Elections at (940) 349-3200 or the City of Denton’s City Secretary’s Office at (940) 349-8309.

State Constitutional Amendments:
The League of Women Voters has this hand guide to help you break down what is on the ballot:

City Charter Revisions:
The City of Denton website has helpful information on the charter revisions which are proposed and on the ballot this year:

Keely G. Briggs
Denton City Council – District 2