D2 Conversation: Bike & Pedestrian Mobility (Sunday, July 16 at 2PM)

d2 bike walk dBike & pedestrian mobility is a critical piece of our our community’s broader mobility strategy. In this month’s District 2 Conversation our guest will be City of Denton Bike & Pedestrian Coordinator, Julie Anderson. Julie will speak with us about her important work with the Bike|Walk Denton program, which is working to make active transportation safer and more accessible, and ultimately strengthen our community’s culture. The foundation of Bike|Walk Denton is the Active Transportation Plan, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Linkage Component of the Denton Mobility Plan. The goal is to create a connected network of hiking trails and bike trails, with on-street routes and multi-use trails so you can more safely ride your bikes or walk to your destination.

District 2 Conversations are family friendly events hosted by Denton City Council Memeber, Keely Briggs. These monthly events are open to citizens and stakeholders across Denton.