D 2 Conversation Sunday April 17: Presentations from Staff on Fire Station 4, Streets, Development


Citizen engagement is vital to good government. And good government is a two-way street. This Sunday the citizens of District 2 have a tremendous opportunity to get engaged and hear firsthand from senior city staff regarding projects and development going on within District 2.

It looks like it will be a rainy afternoon on Sunday. Come stay dry inside the North Branch Library (3020 N Locust Street) and get engaged!



Fire Station 4 – Fire Chief Robin Paulsgrove and Kirkpatric Architecture will present and discuss with the public information on the new Station 4 which will be located on Sherman Drive. This station serves a large part of our district. Great opportunity to learn how this will improve the service we receive.

 Streets – City Engineer Frank Payne and Assistant City Manager Howard Martin will be on hand to discuss major road construction projects in District 2. Streets and road construction are a big topic of discussion for many. This is your chance to hear what is going on, ask questions, and provide your input and ideas.

 Development – Director of Development Services Aimee Bissett will be on hand to present and discuss planning, development, and economic development activities in District 2. Again, great opportunity to get up to speed on developments within our district, ask questions, and to provide your input and ideas.

As your elected council representative I will also be on hand for 1 on 1 discussions about your ideas, questions, or concerns related to our neighborhoods and our city.



Spread the word to your neighbors, friends, and family.

Turn out and tune in!  Show you care by being there.

Family friendly event – children welcome.


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