Numbers Guy vs. Heart Reader (Denton Record Chronicle 4/26/15)

This Denton Record Chronicle article profiles your candidates for District 2 City Council. Keely Briggs or John Ryan… the choice is yours. READ:  Numbers Guy vs. Heart Reader

It is my sincere wish that we have high voter turnout.  I want your vote.  I believe I am the best candidate to represent our district.  But more than anything I want to see you take the time and make the effort to get to the polls between now and May 9th.  As citizens we have to get in the game. We get the government we deserve.  It is time to wake up, pay attention, and get engaged in local government.  Vote for me (I hope you do) or vote for Ryan.  Either way, vote and hold the winner accountable for representing you, the great people of District 2.  PEOPLE COME FIRST.

Polling Times and Places

Polling Times and Places

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