3 Tests – How I Will Make Decisions as Your District 2 Coucilwoman

There are many challenges and opportunities facing the City of Denton.  From city budgets to local ordinances, from arising opportunities to unforeseen threats to our beloved city, you can be assured that my decision making as your councilwoman will be based on the following three tests:

  1. Is this decision good for people?  People’s health and quality of life are my highest priority.  ALL PEOPLE of any race, creed, age, income, gender, or sexual orientation.  Hands down without exception.  People come first.
  2. Is this decision good for good
    Making Decisions

    Decisions will face these tests.

    business?  I believe in and support our businesses.  I want Denton to be a place where businesses and ideas continue to grow and thrive.  But businesses must not violate the quality of our lives, and businesses should seek to integrate with our community and our culture.  Bad actors are not welcome.  Our community and our neighborhoods are too precious.

  3. How will this decision impact citizens four generations from now?  Short term gains must prove out to be sustainable choices.  I intend to see my grandchildren playing in our parks, walking on our streets, and sitting in our classrooms – I know that many of you share this intention with me.  I believe it is our duty to leave Denton a better place than we found it.

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