Proven Independent Leadership Serving All of Denton

Keely Briggs is a recognized municipal leader and representative locally, regionally, and nationally.

Denton City Council runoff elections will be on December 8, 2020. Early voting: November 23-25; November 28; November 30- December 4

Our duty is to leave Denton a better place than we found it and to lay a foundation for the health, prosperity, and happiness of Denton’s future generations.

I have a sincere passion for serving the people of our community. Being a non-partisan elected official sitting on Denton’s City Council since 2015 (three elected terms) has been one of the most humbling and fulfilling experiences of my life. I am asking for the opportunity to keep serving you as Denton’s next Mayor, and to continue to work together as we take on the challenges and opportunities that stem from sitting atop one of the fastest growing and most dynamic regions in our nation.

Economic Prosperity: Our ability to create and attract quality jobs will be driven by our work to improve the quality of life we can offer our citizens. We need to be focused on retaining and attracting people. We do that with great neighborhoods, available and affordable housing, amplifying our unique culture, and with infrastructure that better connects our neighborhoods and amenities. And we must be better partners in the success of local small businesses across Denton because they are the true drivers of our economy.

Denton Cares for People: Our community has so many caring and decent people. They make Denton a place that cares about people. We must ensure that the efforts of our City, our non-profits, and charitable organizations continue to improve their coordination and funding in addressing the challenges we have in homelessness, housing, health, and the protection of at-risk children and families. We must also be vigilant in our efforts to make Denton a place that works for all of us and to make sure this is a place that extends fair opportunity, respect, and human decency to all members of our community.

Public Safety: We need to keep our Fire, EMS, and Police supported. They need people, competitive compensation, tools, and continued specialized trainings.  I have an established record of support and leadership when it comes to putting these departments in a position to meet Denton’s growing needs. During my tenure as a city leader we have improved response times across the city for fire and EMS and we have made strides in our Police Department’s efforts to operate more transparently and become a department of distinction in community focused relational policing practices.

Service above self: When Denton Fire Fighters Association Local 1291 endorsed Keely’s 2019 campaign with check in hand, Keely worked with the DFFA to pay that donation forward to the Denton County Homelessness Barriers Fund to remove barriers for neighbors in crisis to keep or find stable housing.

Health: There is no greater influence on public safety and health than our built environment. If this city does not put a priority on the health and safety of our citizens in all policy decisions, then we are not doing our job right and we are not building a city of quality that truly values the health and well-being of its people.

Fiscal Responsibility & Lower Taxes: Early in my council tenure, predating my opponent’s time serving on our council, I helped lead the charge in a significant effort to get council and our city management to completely revamp the way we budget. We now start at zero and we use the Effective Tax Rate as our guide. This approach reduces the city’s portion of your property tax bill. This approach also doesn’t put the burden of growth on the backs of our existing residents and businesses. Growth should pay for growth. I am cost conscious when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars. At the same time I don’t compromise our level of service and vital programming. I drive accountability and ensure expenditures are tied to key objectives with measurable results.

Keely has a track record of building bridges between our first responders and the community that they serve.

Environmental Stewardship: While the action of no single city can change the world, several cities stepping up and leading the way can. Denton is one of these leading cities. We need to build on that strength and leadership. It will continue to set us apart and make us an attractive destination for people and businesses. Protecting and preserving our natural resources is very important.

Infrastructure: We are the Denton that is fixing Denton. And infrastructure isn’t just roads. It’s water, utilities, drainage, parks, trails, green space, sidewalks, and proper bike lanes. It is everything that defines our built environment. We are under construction and will be for while. We must start getting ahead.

Getting this sidewalk built so that Ryan High School students could get to and from school safely was priority one when Keely took office in 2015. For 20 years city, state, and school district leaders allowed the issue to go unresolved, meanwhile our city’s school children were getting hurt. Keely would not take no for an answer and persistently lead the Texas Department of Transportation and the City of Denton to a solution.

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